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School Health and School Feeding Ratings & Data

A description of the SABER-School Health and School Feeding scoring methodology and categorical ratings displayed below are available in the framework paper, What Matters Most for School Health and School Feeding

[*] Explanation of Data Display:
The acronym (SF) refers to school feeding while (SH) refers to school health. If a country only benchmarks its policies related to one of the SABER School Health (SH) and School Feeding (SF) topics, the data for the unused tool will be displayed as “not applied” to indicate that the tool was not used by the country.

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Armenia (SF)
Benin (SF)
Congo Republic of (SF)
Jordan (SF)
Madagascar (SF)
Namibia (SF)
Nigeria (SH - SF)
Sri Lanka (SF)
Tanzania Zanzibar (SH - SF)
Tunisia (SF)
Uganda (SH - SF)
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1. School Health Policy Goal
School Health Goal 1: Health-related school policies
School Health Goal 2: Safe Supportive School Environments
School Health Policy Goal 3: School-Based Health and Nutrition Services
School Health Policy Goal 4: Skills-Based Health Education
2. School Feeding Policy Goals
Policy Frameworks
School Feeding Policy Goal 2: Financial Capacity
School Feeding Policy Goal 3: Institutional Capacity and Coordination
School Feeding Policy Goal 4: Design and Implementation
School Feeding Policy Goal 5: Community Roles–Reaching Beyond Schools